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Adult Jewish Education - selected bibliography, including online and print resources

Bibliography Jewish Women - books for the classroom recommended by users

Chanukah Resources - Chanukah lesson plans, plays, and articles

Ethics in the Weekly Torah Portion - questions for class discussion on parashat hashavua

High Holiday (Yamim Noraim) Resources - Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur lesson plans, arts and crafts, multimedia, articles, and texts

Israel Education Blogroll - a collection of blogs about Israel for the classroom

Israel Online - a collection of categorized and annotated links about Israel

Israel Resources - Israel lesson plans and powerpoints for Yom Ha'atzmaut, Yom Yerushalayim, and every day

Jewish Education Blogroll
- blogs of Jewish schools, educators, and Jewish educational organizations

Jewish Geneology and Oral History Websites - annotated list for Jewish family tree projects

Jewish Prayer/Tefilla Resources - articles, lesson plans, activities for teaching tefillah

Kristallnacht Resources - videos, lesson plans, and other educational resources

Nechama Leibowitz Resources - Bible and Jewish history lesson plans

Parashat Hashavua Resources - Collection of parashat hashavua worksheets

Pesach Resources - Pesach lesson plans and teaching materials

Powerpoint Presentations on the Shema, the Amidah, Birkat Hamazon, Pirkei Avot, The Book of Jonah and the Ten Commandments (PPTs best viewed in Internet Explorer)

Purim Resources - Purim lesson plans and teaching materials

Resources for Israeli Current Events - Focus On...Current Events

Rosh Hodesh Resources - Rosh Hodesh lesson plans and articles.

September 11th Resources - A collection of prayers, essays and lesson plans for commemorating September 11. Includes Jewish and general resources.

Social Action and Justice Texts Resources - A collection of Jewish texts that highlight social action and justice(in English)

Sukkot Resources - Lesson Plans, Activities and Resources for Sukkot

Talmud Teaching resources - Articles on Talmud pedagogy and classroom resources

Tisha B'Av resources - Background information, activities, and a kinnot guide for Tisha B'Av

Tu B'shvat Resources - Tu B'shvat lesson plans and articles

Yom HaShoah Resources - Yom HaShoah ceremonies and articles

For more resources, visit our library or lesson plan page.