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Grades 7-8
Light Up Africa Lesson Plan This Chanukah/Hanukkah lesson describes how Israeli solar technologies help African communities. Can be adapted for various age groups.
Miracles 1 The story of Chanukah includes the victory of the Maccabees against the Greek armies, and the oil in the menorah burning eight days instead of one. We usually call these event “miracles”. But what are miracles? In this lesson, we will explore the Jewish perspective on miracles and compare it to the general societal approach, using the rock song "The Miracle" by Queen.
Birkat Hamazon 1 This lesson introduces students to the unit and encourages them to consider the purpose of Birkat Hamazon. They will then compose their own version of the prayer.
Birkat Hamazon  2 In havrutah , students read the text of Birkat Hamazon and determine the main themes of the prayer.
Birkat Hamazon  3 This lesson is a continuation of lesson 2.
Birkat Hamazon  4 In this lesson, students will study Judaism’s sanctification of day-to-day material objects and actions, specifically the sanctification of eating that is reflected in Birkat Hamazon.
Birkat Hamazon  5 In this lesson, students will explore the idea that God the provider of all things, including food. Birkat Hamazon will be seen as a means of showing gratitude for the food that God has provided.
Birkat Hamazon  6 In this lesson, students will learn about the Temple and the role that Birkat Hamazon plays in mourning and coping with its loss.
Birkat Hamazon  7 In this lesson, students will examine Birkat Hamazon as an inspiration for caring for the environment. Students will will study sources pertaining to Judaism’s approach to environmental ethics.
Birkat Hamazon  8 In this lesson students will analyze Birkat Hamazon as a prayer and then as a blessing.
Birkat Hamazon  9 In this lesson students will explore different approaches towards mitzvot and apply them to Birkat Hamazon. The concept, role and purpose of mitzvot will be examined.
Birkat Hamazon 10 In this lesson, Birkat Hamazon will be used as a springboard to other Jewish texts. Students will study and analyze the biblical sources found in Birkat Hamazon.
Birkat Hamazon 11 In this lesson students will explore Birkat HaMazon in the context of Jewish ritual and law by studying the Kitzur Shulhan Arukh (in Hebrew or in English). Students will learn about the laws and customs of this liturgy and compare customs from different Jewish communities.
Birkat Hamazon 12 This lesson contains a review test for assessment purposes.
Aliyah - A web-enhanced lesson In this web-enhanced lesson, students consider where they would like to settle in Israel.
Coping with a National Disaster This lesson plan offers the teacher some tools for coping with the day after a disaster.
Social Action and Responsibility 1 Students are introduced to the the concept of "Tikkun Olam" and study several Jewish sources. They arrive at a working definition of the term chesed.
Social Action and Responsibility  2 This lesson focuses on the Jewish obligation to reach out to help those who are less fortunate.
Social Action and Responsibility  3 This lesson explores the concept of Tzedakah.
Social Action and Responsibility  4 This lesson connects the concept of Tzedakah to our obligation to help eradicate poverty and injustice around the world.
Social Action and Responsibility  5 What is the connection between Tikkun Olam and our obligation to care for our planet and its creatures?
Social Action and Responsibility  6 Students review basic terms (chesed and tzeddakah) and are given their final assignment—-to research and produce a written or video advertisement for their favorite tikkun olam cause.
A Curriculum in Tefilla for Yeshiva Day Schools This curriculum outline for Orthodox day schools will be helpful to teachers teaching tefilla for the first time. Includes emotional, cognitive and skill goals, models for instruction, a discussion on kavanah, and more.
Improving Hebrew Language Through Video In this report, Hebrew language teachers from the American Hebrew Academy outline their attempts to use video as a way to create non-threatening settings in which high school students practice speaking Hebrew. Three lesson plans are included: News, Remembering the Holocaust, and My House. Students practice their Hebrew in informal video presentations. Can be adapted for use in other grades.
Israel From Bumper to Bumper: Stickers Rapped by Hadag Hanachash In this fun lesson, Gabe Salgado explores Israeli politics, culture and values through the lyrics of a popular Israeli hip-hong song. Good for formal and informal environments.
MLK and The Jewish Community: Shared Dreams Students compare leadership characteristics of Moshe/Moses and Martin Luther King Jr as a stepping stone to social action activities. Includes English source sheets.
MLK and The Jewish Community: Shared Dreams This lesson describes Martin Luther King Junior's contribution to society and explores how his dreams for social justice are shared by the Jewish tradition.
Toolbox for Interpersonal Conflict This webquest combines the learning of texts with its applications to interpersonal relationships amongst the students of a class. By Aviva Wasser
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