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Happy 15th Birthday, Lookjed!

"Much have I learned from my teachers, more from my peers, but most of all from my students" (Ta'anit 7a). Those of us who interact with students daily in the classroom have ample opportunity to affirm the truth of the last clause of this statement. Nevertheless, the lessons of our peers and teachers become less accessible to us when we graduate from our own formal schooling and move into the classroom as teachers. Beginner teachers in the Jewish school system tell us that continued communication, both with their friends who teach and with experienced Jewish educators willing to share their expertise, played an essential role in their development as educators.

Today, the medium of the Internet allows for the possibility of creating that type of interaction on a much broader scale. The classroom problem that you have, the idea that you are working on, the question that your student asked that has you stumped, can all be shared with other teachers who have, perhaps, grappled with these issue before.

For fifteen years, the Lookjed list has been that kind of virtual community. Over 3300 teachers, principals, community lay leaders, and students planning a career in Jewish education "come together" two or three times a week to network with one another and to discuss issues of concern to them and to the educational community. View the threaded archives here.

Here's what people are saying about Lookjed:

"Just wanted to let you know how much your hard work is appreciated. You have made an extremely valuable contribution to the field of Jewish education and to educators who, as you know, often feel isolated and alone. B'hatzlacha in your continued efforts to make our profession more professional and more hospitable."

- Esther Krauss, former principal, Ma'ayanot Yeshiva High School

"I just want to say what a tremendous service you are doing for the Jewish educational committee. Yeyasher kochacha!"

- Jerry Unterman, Director, Association of Modern Orthodox Day Schools and Yeshiva High Schools (AMODS)

"I just want to say again thanks for your work...the list is not only about chinuch but is itself Talmud Torah. Yashar Koach."

- Larry Laufman Houston, Faculty, Florence Melton Mini School

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