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Spring 2003 (1:1) Focus on: Technology

Table of Contents

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    Looking in - from the Editor by Shalom Berger



    Kosher Quests and Other Bytes by Miri Rubin

    Distance Learning by Zvi Grumet

    As the World Turns: A Multimedia Approach to Teaching the Jewish Calendar by

    The Computer as a Research Tool by Reuven Werber

    Jerusalem Neighborhoods - An Example of Technology Integration by Chuck Bernstein

    Software Reviews by Drora Arussy, Tzvi Pittinsky, Shlomo Schwartz


    Getting the Discussion Started - The Constructivist Approach by Margeret McKeown and Isabel Beck

    A Letter from Nechama Leibowitz

    Discussion - Constructionism in Jewish Studies

    Review of New Educational Materials by Eli Kohn

    From the Classics - Innovative Methodologies for Unengaged Students by Levi Cooper

    Jewish Perspectives on Leadership - The Balancing Act of Leadership by Yuval Sherlo

Focus On...Technology in Education

    Digest of Literature on the Impact of the Computer in Instruction by Stanley Peerless, Esther Feldman, Chana German

    The Internet as a Tool for Student Inquiry by Craig A. Cunningham

    Effective Design of Computer Based Multimedia Learning by Richard Mayer

    Teachers' Use of Computers in the North American Jewish Day School: A Research Study by Shalom Berger


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