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Winter 2008 (6:2) Kids at Risk

Table of Contents

members only available to member schools only

    Editor's Introduction by Zvi Grumet



    members only  TheLockers.net Peer Counseling Portal: For Jewish Teens Confronting High-Risk Issues by Yehoshua M. Eliovson

    members only  In their Own Words by Yehoshua Eliovson

    Interview with Rabbi Yehoshua Eliovson, Founder of TheLockers.net

    Retorno – a Prevention and Therapeutic Model by Eitan Eckstein

    members only  Calling Sde Bar Home by Elana Maryles Sztokman

    members only  Quick Guide to Some Key Programs for Disaffected Youth in Israel by Elana Maryles Sztokman

    members only  A Sampling of Programs for Youth At-Risk Youth in Israel by Elana Maryles Sztockman

    Starred Students at Teva by Tally Wolf Nachim

    A Collaborative Effort for Teacher Education: Priority-1 and ATT by Naphtali Hoff

    members only  Substance Abuse Webquest by Naphtali Hoff

    The Los Angeles Torah Consortium and Yeshiva Principal’s Council: – A Brief Outline of the Activities and History of a Unique Body by Dovid Landesman


    Off the Derech by Faranak Margolese

    At-Risk Students: Who Are These Kids and Why Do They Behave the Way They Do? by Richard Sagor

    members only  A Leisurely Game of Cards by Levi Cooper

    members only  Therapy May Be Inadequate by Abraham Twerski


    members only  Stop the Bullying by Rona Novick

    members only  A BRAVE Journey by Rona Novick

    Adolescent Girls at Risk for Eating Disorders: How Educators Can Help by Esther Altmann

    Warning Signs and Behaviors Associated with Eating Disorders by Esther Altmann

    Characteristics of Eating Disorders by Esther Altmann

    members only  Using the Flame to Fight the Darkness: Depression in Jewish Adolescents by Vicky Gilpin


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