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Winter 2009 (7:2): Building Jewish Identity: Selfhood and Peoplehood

Table of Contents

members only available to member schools only

    Editor's Introduction by Zvi Grumet



    Reality Programs For Jews Who Think by Shlomo Horwitz

    members only  Drama as a Tool for Deepening Jewish Identity by Yael Unterman

    members only  Jewish Drama Resources by Yael Unterman

    The Identity Wiki: A Ninth Grade Integration Project by Tikvah Wiener and Tzvi Pittinsky

    The Grounding of Jewish Identity in Biblical Literacy by Keren Romm


    Getting the Discussion Started: Imagine - On Love and Lennon by Ze'ev Maghen

    members only  by Elana Maryles Sztokman

    members only  Action Research: The Unexamined Life - Defining and Implementing Pluralism in a Community Jewish Day School by Tzivia Garfinkel

    by Levi Cooper

    Taglit/Birthright and a Jewish Peoplehood Identity by Avraham Infeld


    A Guide to Jewish Peoplehood by Ezra Kopelowitz and Ari Engelberg

    by Ezra Kopelowitz and Ari Engelberg

    The Disenchanted Student: Reconstructing Jewish Identity in a Modern Context by Elliott Malamet

    You Have 600,000 Friends by Dan Mendelsohn Aviv

    members only  Influences on the Religious Identity of Jewish Adolescents by Chana Tannenbaum

    members only  Jewish Identity, Jewish Peoplehood and Entitativity by Hagit Hacohen Wolf


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