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Fall 2010 (9:1) - j ed tech 2.0

Table of Contents

members only available to member schools only

    Editor's Introduction by Zvi Grumet




    Remote teachers – no longer a remote possibility by Esther Feldman

    members only  Hardware + Software = Brainware by Sholom Eisenstat

    members only  Educational Technology and its Contribution to Israel and Jewish Education by Avital Drori

    members only  Mishnayot Berurot: A computer–based learning tool for Mishnah-type texts by Meir Fachler

    members only  Enhancing Jewish Thought: Inquiring into a Jewish studies classroom’s use of technology by Yechiel Hoffman

    The Open Siddur: A next generation communal Jewish educational resource by Efraim Feinstein and Devorah Preiss

    members only  Jewish Education and Technology by Yedidya Rausman

    members only  Web Exclusive: Teaching and Reaching The Wireless Generation by Dania Shapira and Rivka Weiner


    Nurturing an Online Community of Practice by Howard Blas

    Getting the Discussion Started: Born Digital by John Palfrey and Urs Gasser

    members only  Back to the Future: Jewish education in the Compunications Age by Sam Lehman-Wilzig

    members only  Technology <del>Replacing</del> Upgrading Teachers by Levi Cooper


    Technology and Jewish Education: A Revolution in the Making* by Monica Rozenfeld, Jonathan Woocher, Lisa Colton, Caren Levine

    members only  Policy and Pedagogy: Complementary school approaches to 21st century technology issues by Judith Altschuler Cahn and Rona Milch Novick

    members only  the fut.ure of edu.cat.ion by Eli Kannai

    members only  PrayerLive: A model for techno-spiritual collaborative learning by Devorah Preiss-Bloom

    Torah on the Right Side of the Brain by Shifra Kaufman


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