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Fall 2010 (9:1) - j ed tech 2.0

Table of Contents

members only available to member schools only

    Editor's Introduction by Zvi Grumet




    by Esther Feldman

    members only  Hardware + Software = Brainware by Sholom Eisenstat

    members only  Educational Technology and its Contribution to Israel and Jewish Education by Avital Drori

    members only  by Meir Fachler

    members only  by Yechiel Hoffman

    The Open Siddur: A next generation communal Jewish educational resource by Efraim Feinstein and Devorah Preiss

    members only  Jewish Education and Technology by Yedidya Rausman

    members only  Web Exclusive: Teaching and Reaching The Wireless Generation by Dania Shapira and Rivka Weiner


    Nurturing an Online Community of Practice by Howard Blas

    Getting the Discussion Started: Born Digital by John Palfrey and Urs Gasser

    members only  Back to the Future: Jewish education in the Compunications Age by Sam Lehman-Wilzig

    members only  Technology <del>Replacing</del> Upgrading Teachers by Levi Cooper


    Technology and Jewish Education: A Revolution in the Making* by Monica Rozenfeld, Jonathan Woocher, Lisa Colton, Caren Levine

    members only  Policy and Pedagogy: Complementary school approaches to 21st century technology issues by Judith Altschuler Cahn and Rona Milch Novick

    members only  the fut.ure of edu.cat.ion by Eli Kannai

    members only  PrayerLive: A model for techno-spiritual collaborative learning by Devorah Preiss-Bloom

    Torah on the Right Side of the Brain by Shifra Kaufman


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