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Fall 2004 (3:1) Focus on: How we Teach: Texts, Tradition, and Transmission

Table of Contents

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    Looking in - from the Editor by Shalom Berger

    This Issue's Advertisers



    Review of New Educational Materials by Eli Kohn

    From the Classics: Learning the Laws by Rote by Levi Cooper

    Perspectives on Jewish Educational Leadership by Dr. Moshe Sokolow


Focus On: Cooperative Learning

    Models of Cooperative Learning by Shlomo Sharan

    Research Report: Cooperative Learning and Bible Study by Dr. Shimon Rapport

    FAQ on Cooperative Learning by Beverly Buncher

Focus On: Orality and Textuality

    Orality and Texuality: A Historical Perspective by Zvi Grumet

    Orality, Textuality and the Living Experience of the Oral Torah by Allen Selis

    Pesah Seder by Zvi Grumet

    Storytelling: Putting The Oral Tradition Back Into The Classroom by Peninnah Schram

    Uncovering the Layers: The Revadim Method by Pinchas Zuriel Hayman

    Gemara Berura: A Structured Method for Textual Analysis by Matti Monheit

    Using Midrash in the Classroom by Simi Peters


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