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Spring 2011 (9:2) - Teaching For Commitment

Table of Contents

members only available to member schools only

    Editor's Introduction by Zvi Grumet


    Discussion Questions



    members only  Objectivity and Subjectivity in the Teaching of History: Toward forging national identity in Israel by Tamar Ketko

    A Case Study in Commitment by Eli Kohn

    The Practical Teshuva Workshop: A model for educating toward commitment by David I. Bernstein

    members only  Expanding the Academic Experience: Educating for commitment by Eliot Feldman

    members only  Teaching Jewish Commitment in an Era of Unlimited Choices by Yonatan Yussman

    members only  Teaching Jewish Commitment: A rejoinder by Erica Brown

    members only  Teaching for Commitment, or Independence? by Samuel Kapustin


    members only  D.I.Y. Mikveh: The Challenge of Encouraging Commitment by Levi Cooper

    Commitment via Participatory Discourse by Daniel Landes


    members only  Creating a Sustainable Sense of Peoplehood: Towards a pedagogy of commitment by Lisa Grant and Shlomi Ravid

    by Steven Bailey

    members only  We Are All Jews by Choice by Edwin R. Frankel

    members only  Toward an Understanding of Jewish Commitment by Micah Lapidus

    members only  Rabbi Yohanan had Five Disciples: A Hirschean Theory of Jewish Education by Ira Bedzow


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