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Winter 2004 (2) Focus on: What We Teach

Table of Contents

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    Looking in - from the Editor by Shalom Z. Berger



    Curriculum Developed and Implemented in Various School Settings by Deborah Miller, Bruriah Michman, Dan Be'eri, Susan Tanchel, Joel Lurie Grishaver

    Curriculum Development in Jewish Day Schools- How Can We Make it Work? by Eli Kohn

    Action Research Report on an Approach for Creating Meaningful Tefilla Experiences in Middle School by Eric Golombek


    Discussion: How to Get Johnny to Read and Think by Devora Steinmetz, Steve Bailey, Pinchas Zuriel Hayman

    Review of New Educational Materials- Dapim LaMe'ayein V'LaMoreh by Tsipi Keller

    From the Classics: The Revenge of the Letters and Vowels by Levi Cooper

    Reflections on Leadership by Jeffrey R. Woolf

Focus On - What We Teach

    Ethics, Ideology, and Curriculum by Hanan A. Alexander

    Some Misunderstandings of Piaget and the Curriculum by David Elkind

    Developmental Stages and the Jewish Studies Curriculum by Stanley Peerless

    Social-Emotional and Jewish Education: Core concepts and effective practice by Jonathan Cohen

    Helping Jewish Schools to Become Caring Learning Environments by Chana Zweiter


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