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Fall 2005 (4:1) Focus on How We Teach: Hebrew Language

Table of Contents

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    Looking In- From the Editor by Shalom Berger



    Tal Am: A Natural Approach to Hebrew Language Acquisition by Tova Shimon with Stanley Peerless

    Teaching Hebrew in Early Childhood in the Diaspora: Reflections on the Nitzanim Program by Nava Nevo

    NETA: Professionalizing the Teaching of Hebrew as a Second Language by Naomi Stillman

    by Diana Yacobi with Lily Yacobi

    by Zev bar-Lev

    Teaching Tanakh Vocabulary Successfully to Learning Disabled Students by Debbie Sondheim

    by Rahel Halabe


    From the Classics: A Remnant of Tiktin by Levi Cooper

    Getting the Discussion Started by Herman Wouk

    Interview with David Eliach

    Discussion- Goals of Hebrew Instruction in School - by educators at the Herzlia School in Cape Town, Ramaz Middle School in New York, Solomon Schechter Day School in Hartford, Connecticut and N.E. Miles Jewish Day School in Birmingham, Alabama

    Review of New Educational Materials by Eli Kohn

    A Plea for Purposes by Jon A. Levisohn

    Communications: Letters to the Editor

Focus On

    Hebrew Reading Difficulties and Social Exclusion: A Path to Aggressive Behavior by Scott J. Goldberg

    Foreign Language Learning Difficulties: Why They Happen and How to Help by Robin L. Schwarz

    The Proficiency Approach: A Tool for Advancing the Hebrew Language Curriculum in our Schools by Vardit Ringvald

    Teaching Hebrew as a Second/Foreign Language by Aryeh Wohl

    Teaching Judaica Without Teaching Hebrew by Martin Lockshin


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