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Winter 2007 (5:2) - The Search for Spirituality in Jewish Education

Table of Contents

members only available to member schools only

    Letter from the Editor-in-Chief by Beverly Buncher



    members only  Engaging the Soul: An Educational Program by Aryeh Ben David

    The Effective Use of Holy Stories to Integrate the Totality of Jewish Life with Neshama, Spirituality, Faith, and Jewish Continuity by Annette Labovitz

    The Righteous Proselyte of Vilna by Annette Labovitz

    The Art of Tefillah by Jay Goldmintz

    Silence For Renewal: The Power of Silence In the Classroom by Nancy Siegel

    members only  Silence Exercises by Nancy Siegel

    members only  Feeling at Home in Their Own Skins and With Each Other: How PassageWays is Working to Help Middle School Students Grow in Miami by Arlene Fishbein

    members only  Seven Gateways to the Soul of Education by Passageways.org

    members only  Helping Students Launch Their Own Spiritual Journeys by Devorah Katz

    Tefillah Motivation through Relationship Building and Role Modeling: One Rabbi’s Approach by Moshe Drelich


    From the Classics: Seeking Spirituality outside Torah by Levi Cooper

    members only  Lessons from Life: Once a Teacher, Always a Teacher by Lillian Yaffe

    members only  The Cutting Edge: Assessing Student Religious Growth by Scott J. Goldberg

    School Profile: Reut: A Unique Pluralistic Jewish Community by Elana Maryles Sztokman

    Spirituality in Leadership: Principal Aryeh Geiger by Elana Maryles Sztokman

    Perspectives on Jewish Education: Searching for Spirituality in Education by Saul J. Berman

Research Focus

    Inviting Soul Into the Classroom by Rachael Kessler

    members only  Spiritualities in the Classroom by Alan Brill

    A Selected Bibliography for Exploring the Four Types of Spiritualities by Alan Brill

    Can Spirituality Be Taught? by Steven Bailey

    members only  The Spiritual Development of Modern Orthodox High School Girls by Shira Weiss

    members only  Panoptical prayer and other practices: Rethinking religious girls’ education through tefillah by Elana Maryles Sztokman

    Prayer Options and Prayer Education in Pluralistic Jewish High Schools: Balancing Education, Socialization, and Spirituality by Daniel N. Finkel

    The Experience Of The Synagogue In The Development Of Spirituality Among Orthodox Israeli Preschoolers by David Brody

    The Tapestry of Creation - Creative Drama and Music by Shawn Israel Zevit

    Midrashic Moments- Putting art and spirit into action by Shawn Israel Zevit

    Spirituality in the Community School by Gary Levine


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