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Fall 2007 (6:1) - Building Professional Learning Communities

Table of Contents

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    Letter from the Editor by Beverly A. Buncher



    Linking Jewish Educators in Israel and Britain through Video-Conference Technology by Eli Kohn

    Study Session by Eli Kohn

    Jewish Day School Heads Work Together to Evaluate Educational Effectiveness

    Characteristics of Effective Jewish Day School Initiatives

    Building a Teacher Task Force to Change the Way Teaching is Done by Avi Baran Munro

    How Communities of Practice (CoPS) Can Benefit Jewish Day Schools by Judith Zorfass

    PLCs Without Borders: The Lookjed List by Shalom Berger


    Towards National Board Professional Certification for Teachers by Pat DiPillo

    A Fellowship of Spiritual Development by Levi Cooper

    Inhibitors and Critical Success Factors in Professional Learning Communities: Lessons from the Japanese Model by Robert Goldberg

    Perspectives: PLCs: Starting from the Top by Roni Raab


    Building a Professional Learning Community (PLC): A Primer by Heather Clifton and Peggy Kasloff

    Models of Professional Development by Heather Clifton and Peggy Kasloff

    Effective Coaching in PLCs by Heather Clifton and Peggy Kasloff

    Building Professional Learning Communities Through Beginning Teacher Induction by Sarah Birkeland and Sharon Feiman-Nemser

    Doubling the Agenda: Improving Student and Adult Performance by Patricia C. Ruane

    External Professional Communities for Teachers: The Community of Practice Approach by Naava Frank, John D. Smith and Linda Cappabianca

Web Exclusives

    by Wallace Greene

    From Teacher Isolation to Professional Collaboration: An Experiment in School Change by Peggy Kasloff

    Time Is the Essence by Renee F. Holtz and Amy Holtzer

    Professional Learning Community PostScript by Avi Baran Munro


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