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June 2005

Professor Alan Dershowitz Addresses Standing-Room-Only Crowd

On June 7, 2005 Prof. Alan Dershowitz addressed a standing-room-only crowd in the Gonda Brain Research Center Auditorium at Bar-Ilan University. The entire lecture was broadcast live via interactive video conference under the auspices of the Lookstein Center for Jewish Education in the Diaspora, to the Union of Jewish Students and the London School of Jewish Studies. The London students were particularly excited to have the opportunity to actively participate in this lecture.

After warm introductions by both Prof. Moshe Kaveh, president of Bar-Ilan, and David Gradel, the UK's leading supporter of the Lookstein Center, Dershowitz lectured on "The Case for Israel/The Case for Peace" as part of the special events taking place the week of the 2005 Jubilee Board of Trustees and International Board of Governors meetings.

A world-renowned and prolific lawyer, Dershowitz is the Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law at the Harvard Law School, where he has taught since the 1960s. Prof. Dershowitz is perhaps most famous among the general public for his involvement in famous criminal law cases but more importantly, he is known for his staunch support of Israel and activism again anti-Semitism. A captivating speaker, he stressed the importance of making peace from a position of strength, that any peace agreement must not reward terror--and that justice and morality are on our side. He concluded his lecture with a question and answer session, responding to comments from both audiences at Bar-Ilan and England.

That evening, Prof. Dershowitz was presented with an honorary doctorate from Bar-Ilan.

To view a video of the lecture, click here.

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