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Lookstein LIVE brings talented and creative Israel-based Judaic studies teachers into Jewish Day School classrooms across North America using a web-based video conferencing platform. As the students build a relationship with the Israel-based teacher, their connection to Israel is deepened. This relationship is further strengthened by teacher visits to their North American schools during the year.

The program:

  • Supports student learning about Israel "live" and in "real time" as teachers act as personal "Israel correspondents" who take their students into the streets for holiday preparation, news events, and even shopping expeditions.

  • Exposes students to talented, enthusiastic, and creative Jewish educators who bring their love of Israel and teaching into the school community.

  • Provides schools with diffferentiated options for small group enrichment in Hebrew, Tanakh, and Torah Sh'Be'al Peh/Mishna/Gemara.

  • Enables principals or their designees to design a course that will complement and enhance the school's mission and curriculum.
  • Offers schools a broader pool of teaching candidates than the local area provides.
  • Offers opportunities for school based teachers to observe, model, and be mentored by our veteran, LL teachers. 

What are some of the courses that have been offered?

See some course descriptions here.

How does it begin?

After an initial consultation with your school to determine the topic and type of course your school is interested in, the Lookstein Center provides names and CVs of educators who fulfill your school’s specific pedagogic needs. All candidates are native English-speakers with extensive experience in classroom teaching as well as distance education approaches and techniques, included blended learning. Your school then interviews the candidates and selects the appropriate teacher.

Educators hired through Lookstein LIVE are full-fledged faculty members of your school and teach according to your school's curriculum, academic standards, and mission statement. If appropriate (and by prior agreement with the school), the teacher will develop the course curriculum, assign homework, set quizzes and tests, and grade the students according to school standards. Teachers also participate in teacher-parent conferences and meet with the parents over a web-based video conference platform.

How does it work?

Lookstein LIVE teachers teach from their homes over a web-based video conferencing platform, using a high-definition camera, a digital headset and a high speed internet connection. The web-based video conferencing platform is provided by the Lookstein Center. Schools use similar equipment in the classroom.

What equipment does the school need to have on-site?

1.       High Speed Internet service
2.       High-Definition (HD) web-camera
3.       Digital speakers
4.       A computer connected to a smart board or large 42" computer screen
5.       A classroom assistant, as necessary

Who is on faculty?

Read more about our faculty here.

Lookstein LIVE teachers currently teach lessons from grade 4-12 in day schools.

Can We Participate?

Yes! For more information, please contact Susan Yammer, Educational Coordinator of Lookstein LIVE, at susan@lookstein.org.

Read about one school's experience with the program here.