Shalosh Regalim With Rabbi Hillel

     A family is traveling to Israel.  On the way the children in the family are arguing about which holiday they like the best.  One says:  “I like Pesach best because I always find the afikomen at the Seder.”  Another says:  “No, Shavuot is better because we get to eat blintzes and cheesecake!”  The third one says:  “No way – Sukkot is great ‘cause we get sleep in the succah!”






“Children,” says their mother, “there is no reason to fight about it, all three of those holidays have many things in common.”

“No way, they are very different”, say the children with one voice. 

“Your mother is right,” says the father, “they are all part of the Shalosh Regalim.”

"What are the Shalosh Regalim?"  says the oldest.