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Sukkot Resources

Start preparing for Sukkot and Simchat Torah with The Lookstein Center’s Sukkot resources, which include lesson plans, articles, videos, and more!

Jewish Educational Leadership

This issue, Teaching Jewish History, explores the why, the how, and the how much of teaching Jewish History—a discussion which could have repercussions for how we see the entire enterprise of Jewish schooling.

Meaningful Parasha Discussions

Meaningful Parasha Discussions for the 21st Century: Sefer Devarim

Brand-new discussion questions added weekly for both older and younger children on the topics of Parashat Ha-Shavua.

Upcoming professional development FROM THE LOOKSTEIN CENTER

Check out our latest offerings in professional development, including free sessions, PD series, and more. 

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The Lookstein Center provides instructional resources, training, and support to help Jewish educators learn, teach, and lead.

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