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About the Jewish Educational Leadership Journal

Jewish Educational Leadership (JEL) is a professional journal for Jewish educators published by The Lookstein Center. It was designed to increase the exposure of Jewish educators to general research and advances in education and focus on the applicability of these findings to the world of Jewish education. The journal also:

Jewish Educational Leadership can be found in the teachers’ lounges, libraries and principals’ offices in every North American day school. It is read by heads of schools, principals, Judaic Studies directors, teachers, curriculum development professionals, BJE, Federation and JCC professionals, and other education professionals around the world–as well as interested lay people.

Membership (individual, school, library, associate) at the Lookstein Center includes a print subscription to the journal; school and associate memberships include full online access to the journal.

To read more about membership, go here [1]. Send questions about subscriptions, membership, and advertising to info@lookstein.org.