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Staff List


Hyim Brandes [1], Director of Technology
Chana German [2], Executive Director
Dee Mack [3], Director of Operations
Chevi Rubin [4], Director of Communications and Community
Michal Shtrossman [5], Secretary

Curriculum Development, Professional Development, and Consulting Projects

Meir Ben-Ytzchak [6], Director of Iberoamerican Desk
Anna Fein [7], Director of Russian-Language Programs
Zvi Grumet [8], Director of Education
Eli Kohn [9], Director of Curriculum Development Programs
Daniel Norman, Webmaster Centro de Estudios Judaicos CEJ

Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy

Nili Auerbach [10], Director of Admissions
Miriam Frolich [11], Operations Administrator
Yona Kurtz [12], Curriculum Coordinator
Ilana Lipman [13], Director of Education
Jeremy Spierer [14], Director of Faculty Development
Rebecca Spiewak [15], Administrative Assistant

For more information about Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy teachers and staff, click here [16].

For general inquiries, please write to info@lookstein.org.