Bulletin Board FAQs

Q: How does the Lookstein Bulletin Board/Announcements List work?

A: You simply fill in the online form, and your announcement will be posted online on our Bulletin Board. Your announcement will also be sent to our Announcement e-list.

Q: Who sees the announcement?

A: Your announcement will be viewed by our 25,000 site users. It will also be posted on our Announcement e-list, which is e-mailed weekly to over 5000 people involved in Jewish education.

Q: How long does my announcement remain online?

A: Your announcement remains on our Bulletin Board for up to 3 months, depending on its timeliness.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: That depends. There is no fee to post a non-commercial advertisement. You can post calls for papers, conference invitations that do not have registration fees, fellowship announcements, notices for free online resources at no cost.

Each ad is $50 if you are advertising a new commercial product (e.g. software, curricula, etc.), if you would like to announce an educational program that charges tuition (including fee-based conferences and workshops) or if you are seeking to fill a position in your school or institution. If your school/institution has Lookstein Center membership, then posting these types of announcements is free.

Q: Membership? Free advertising? How do I sign up?

A: Member schools/institutions can post all ads for free. To read more about membership, click here.

Q: Are announcements only directed toward Jewish educators in the United States?

A: No. We reach Jewish educational professionals everywhere in the world. Our announcement services have helped Jewish educators from Israel, Canada, South Africa, Australia, Britain, Russia, Germany, Argentina, Venezuela, etc.

Q: My advertisement is quite lengthy. Can I still post it?

A: Unfortunately, space limitations prevent us from including advertisements that are more than 2500 characters. However, we encourage you to provide links to your website, promotional materials, etc., so that interested readers can read more about your organization/product.

Q: How do I post an advertisement/announcement?

A: Fill in the online form here. Ads are generally posted online within one business day. Note: If you are posting a commercial ad, payment must be made before the ad is posted. The online form includes an option for online payment via Paypal.

Q: I have another question that is not covered here. Who can I contact?

A: We would be happy to assist you. Please write to info@lookstein.org.

The Lookstein Center is a non-profit organization. Revenues from advertising help us to provide valuable services and resources to you and other Jewish educators.

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