Head of School, The Adelson Educational Campus

September 2, 2020


The Head of School will be the executive, educational and administrative leader of the school. Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Head of school will have ultimate responsibility for animating and implementing the vision and mission of the school and for ensuring an outstanding general and Jewish education program.

The successful candidate will provide a dynamic learning environment while demonstrating the ability and skills necessary to manage a quality college preparatory academy. Specifically, the Head of School will develop a culture of educational innovation, expanding the depth and boundaries of general and Jewish education at AEC with the goal of making the school acceptable to families seeking a true Jewish day school education in the context of a college preparatory academy. In addition, the Head of School will sharpen the focus of Jewish education, fostering a school identity centered around Israel and the Jewish community.

The Head of School will be highly visible and approachable, while inviting a culture of openness and collaboration. S/he will serve as AEC’s representative to the Las Vegas Jewish community and its various constituencies as part of the ongoing effort to reach out and market the school. The Head of School will also serve as a leader and as an advocate for community-based education that is welcoming and respectful of students from all streams of Judaism and beyond.

The Head of School must have exemplary communication skills and a high emotional quotient. The successful candidate is tasked with growing a culture of transparency and communication between faculty, parents, students and board members. S/he will take time to learn the community, its culture, and its traditions and will provide stakeholders opportunity to provide input.

Building a close relationship with the Board of Trustees to strengthen the vision and strategy for the school is a primary responsibility for the Head of School. In particular, the Board is seeking a Head of School who can continue to secure the long-term financial sustainability of the school. The Head of School will need to exercise financial prudence, explore increased revenue streams, and actively engage in admissions and retention efforts. In partnership with the Board of Trustees, the Head of School will lead efforts to define future planning and priorities for AEC that will allow the school to continue to grow, flourish and attain a national reputation for excellence.

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