New England Jewish Academy is looking for a Head of School

November 11, 2019


New England Jewish Academy is looking for a Head of School, beginning in July 2020

The New England Jewish Academy (NEJA) is a new preschool-12th grade Orthodox day school in West Hartford, formed from the merger of the Hebrew High School of New England and the Hebrew Academy of Greater Hartford.  Currently in its first year as a single school under the direction of interim head Dr. Joshua Levisohn, NEJA is primed for growth as the anchor day school of the West Hartford/Springfield/New Haven region.

The school is located in West Hartford, a beautiful, leafy suburb about 2 hours from NY and 1½ hours from Boston.  The community is warm and dynamic, with huge growth potential as an affordable place to live in the Northeast.

The new Head of School has the opportunity to develop the school, provide its strategic, educational and religious vision, and work collaboratively with the shul rabbis and community leaders.

Please see the full opportunity statement:

JOB DESCRIPTION: Head of School, New England Jewish Academy

The Head of School serves as the CEO of the school, both as the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Educational Officer. He or she promotes a vision for the school’s future and works with the professional staff and lay leadership to bring about that vision. The Head of School should serve as a role model of the school’s core values and a leader within the West Hartford/Western New England Jewish communities.


    1. BA degree in education, Jewish studies, or some related field.  MA or higher preferred.
  • 5+ years experience in day school administration
  • Strong communication skills in writing and in person

As the Executive Leader of the school, the Head of School has the following responsibilities:

  • Help determine and promote a vision for the school’s educational, religious, and financial future
  • Articulate the core values of the school and work towards their implementation within the school’s curriculum and practice
  • Provide educational direction to the school, including the very best and innovative of contemporary education practices
  • Create an inspirational and collaborative learning environment
  • Support the professional growth and development of all faculty and employees
  • Recruit, hire, and retain excellent teachers and administrators
  • Maintain an exemplary supervisory and feedback process for all employees
  • Promote the school within the West Hartford and Western New England communities
  • Together with the Admissions Director, develop a plan to increase overall enrollment
  • Work collaboratively with the Board of Directors to lead the school forward
  • Maintain consistent policies and procedures in order to ensure the safety of students and the smooth functioning of the school
  • Develop and support an administrative team, including senior administrators at the upper school and lower school levels
  • Develop a yearly budget and provide the discipline for the school to stay within its means
  • Create relationships with community supporters to increase the school’s resources
  • Provide quarterly reports to the Board of Directors on the school’s financial status, educational achievements, current goals, and progress toward those goal

To apply or for more information, please send a CV and cover letter to

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