July 18, 2021


Dear Principal ,
Please choose our school.
Yes, all eighty of us here at Esformes Hebrew Academy in Ormond Beach Florida need YOU,
a strong leader.

Kids are very simple.

The adults in our lives set the tone and we follow.

Today like never before we need good role models to help guide us.

We need you to believe in us and cheer us on.

We know you want us to succeed.
Each of us at EHA has a unique style and a personal learning journey.

Your holistic and caring approach will help us reach our goals.

Please challenge us with project and center based learning .

Challenge us to think critically , problem solve and work.

Our school is our family.
We spend a lot of time together with parents and friends celebrating milestones and achievements.

If you’ve got credentials and passion then we choose YOU !! Hurry and send in your resume.

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