Director, SINAI @ JKHA

January 12, 2022


About the School
Widely regarded as a leader in special education, SINAI Schools was founded in
1982 by a small group of parents determined to create a world-class Jewish special
education school for their children with special needs. Its first partner school was
what is now known as Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy, and over the past 4
decades SINAI has grown to serve over 200 students who come from all corners of
the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area. Today, SINAI operates 8 schools for
individuals ages 6-21, who have a wide range of learning and developmental
disabilities as well as other special needs. SINAI focuses on maximizing each
student’s academic, emotional, and social potential, while developing a strong
knowledge and love of his or her traditional Jewish heritage. SINAI students are
taught skills that promote success in mainstream academic, social and vocational
settings, and they are empowered to become productive and confident members of
the community. Each of SINAI’s schools is integrated within a regular education
partner of a Jewish elementary or high school, creating an inclusion experience that
is personalized for every single child. Since 2004, SINAI Schools has been
accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, and remains
the only Jewish special education school with this accreditation.
SINAI@JKHA is a Modern Orthodox special education elementary school that
partners with Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy (JKHA), located in Livingston,
NJ. SINAI@JKHA serves students in grades 1-8 who have a range of special
needs, and boasts a professional-to-student ratio of 1:1.2.

SINAI operates schools and adult programs for individuals with a wide range of
learning and developmental disabilities as well as other special needs.

The Director will serve as the lead educational executive at SINAI@JKHA,
inspiring and leading a highly collaborative professional team of experienced
teachers, therapists (SLP, OT, PT, Psychologist, Art Therapist, Music therapist)
and administrators. Multiple times during the week, the Director will facilitate
formal 1:1 and team meetings to support and stretch staff in their work with
students. SINAI will equip the Director with the resources and bandwidth to focus
on the individual profiles of each of the students, and to implement what is needed
to help each one grow academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually.

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