HAFTR High School Director of Student Activities

  • January 7, 2019

This is a unique opportunity for an individual with a passion for Jewish education and a true desire to make a difference in the lives of Modern Orthodox adolescents.

The Director of Student Activities will work in tandem with our Director of Student Life, under the guidance of the administration, to spearhead our vibrant co-curricular and extra-curricular programming, chesed and school spirit initiatives.

HAFTR High School is seeking candidates for the upcoming school year (2019-2020) with the following qualifications/capabilities:
-Background in limudei kodesh with a deep understanding of the importance of experiential learning opportunities that connect to Torah study
-Creative, proactive, organized and detail oriented
-Dynamic and outgoing presence with the ability to speak publicly
-Capacity to motivate students and create an inclusive environment
-Balanced approach to mentoring students while maintaining professionalism
-Ability to work collaboratively with colleagues of all departments
-Strong communication skills: oral and written
-Experience as a formal and/or informal limudei kodesh educator

Primary Tasks:
-Conceptualize, develop, and execute meaningful programs in a professional and organized manner
-Collaborate regularly with administration and colleagues to maintain a team approach to programming
-Articulate a vision for student activities department while advancing our already robust activities calendar
-Teach courses in limudei kodesh and serve as a contributing member of the Judaic Studies faculty
-Mentor and advise students, specifically student leaders, through initiatives and programs
-Expand chesed initiatives with the goal of increasing student engagement

Please send resume and cover letter to hsresumes@haftr.org

For more information, contact: hsresumes@haftr.org

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