HANC High School Counselor

May 17, 2020


HANC High School is seeking a qualified High School Counselor, to work with and support high school students through a well-prepared counseling program at our co-ed Modern Orthodox Yeshiva High School. The Counselor will work with the Director of Counseling to help students reach their personal goals and assist them in developing their social and mental capacity.
● Provide coordination and innovation in the school counseling department so that all students may receive the maximum benefit from the program and services.
● Conduct group or individual counseling sessions to assist students with problems or concerns
● Evaluate the progress of students and reinforce the sense of accomplishment
● Identify behavioral problems or at-risk students and act appropriately
● Cooperate with parents and teachers as well as other interested parties
● Incorporate students’ parents as partners in the learning process. Keep parents apprised of the student’s progress, attitude, and behavior. Conduct in-person meetings with parents when necessary.
● Provide necessary resources and referrals to students/parents in need
● Prepare and present reviews on progress with Administration
● Consult and collaborate with school faculty regarding progress of individual students.
● Prepare and present innovative programs or lectures to address various needs of students
● Proven experience as a counselor working with High School students
● Integrity and professionalism
● Exudes warmth and compassion
● Ability to operate within a wide range of student personalities and backgrounds
● Education in best counseling practices and regulations
● Excellent communication skills and high emotional intelligence abilities
● Team player
● Basic knowledge of computers
● Minimum MA degree in counseling; including MSW, LMSW, LCSW, LMHC

Please email resume to rgordon@hanc.org

For more information, contact: rgordon@hanc.org