HANC Middle School Science Teacher

May 20, 2020


HANC Middle School is looking for a motivated and dedicated full time science teacher for the 2020-2021 school year

Responsibilities include: Teacher will teach 6 periods (2- 7th grade life science and 4-8th grade engineering/earth science). Teacher will design and maintain a classroom environment that facilitates active, hands-on love of learning, self-expression and choice, and inclusion of all children, parents and staff. Communicate with parents and school counselors on student progress. Evaluate each student’s growth in knowledge and skills in the course being taught. Participates in various student and parent activities which occur in and out of school.

Successful candidates have the following: -Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree, with an outstanding record of academic achievement and leadership; -Passion for science -Flexibility and openness to feedback; -Interest in working in a collaborative environment

Please email resume to: jmorey@hanc.org

For more information, contact: jmorey@hanc.org