Innovative Techniques for 21st Century Jewish Education

September 23, 2020


Are you a new or experienced teacher who wants to hone your skills and bring new methods and knowledge to your classroom?

Join us for an online high-level academic program in Judaic Studies education and earn a teaching certificate for the Diaspora.

The Rimonim Professional Development Program brings innovative techniques developed at Herzog College in Israel to English-speaking educators around the world.

Courses include Tanach, Jewish history, Midrash, Hebrew as a Second Language and more. All the material is taught with a focus on how to bring these concepts into the classroom in an engaging and exciting way. Educators will be presented with technological tools and contemporary methodologies which can be used to teach any topic. These methods can be used immediately in the classroom to show students how ancient texts are relevant to their lives.

The program is a year and a half long and includes an intensive and exciting summer semester in Israel.

Rimonim is subsidized by the Israeli government and the entire program (including flights and accomodations in Israel) costs only $750!

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