Judaic Director

  • November 27, 2018

Magen David Academy (MDA) in Panama City, Panama is looking for a dynamic Judaic Director to join the team and help realize the school’s vision. The Judaic Director works directly with the Head of School to ensure quality Judaic programming permeates throughout the school. In addition to serving as Judaic Director and Assistant to the Head of school, the Judaic Director’s duties will include Judaic curriculum development, staff acquisition and supervision, as well as planning and execution of Judaic programs, fostering relationships and maintaining communication with families, and encouraging enrollment.

MDA is an Orthodox Jewish International School in Panama City. The school combines Orthodox Jewish studies, Panamanian curriculum, and a full college preparatory program in English. As a young school (10 years old) we are working to recruit a productive team of educators as we continue to grow.

Furthermore, Panama City has a vibrant Orthodox Jewish Community, with Talmud Torah schools for boys and girls, Yeshiva, Kollel, as well as a wide variety of services and a unique array of Kosher facilities (e.g. Supermarkets, restaurants).

Mission: Magen David Academy strives to provide our students with a challenging and inspiring education that integrates both high quality Jewish and secular education to achieve academic excellence.

Vision: Magen David Academy encourages lifelong learning in a safe, respectful environment that meets the individual needs of each of our students. We are dedicated to creating a learning experience that combines the unique elements of our students’ Jewish values with critical thinking skills and cutting-edge technology. Our goal is to develop our students into productive Jewish citizens prepared to contribute positively to their community, their country and the State of Israel; and to further develop our students into global leaders who can actively help solve the social, cultural, and professional challenges of the 21st century.

Required qualifications:
· In-depth understanding and practice of Orthodox Judaism
· Fluent in English and Hebrew
· 4 or more years of educational leadership experience

Preferred qualifications:
· Spanish language skills
· Experience living and working in Latin America

MDA is offering a highly competitive and very comprehensive compensation package. Send resume: bod@magendavidacademy.org

For more information, contact: bod@magendavidacademy.org

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