Middle School Principal

November 15, 2020


The Middle School Principal serves the unique needs of and builds positive, productive relationships with each student and family. The principal is a role model for the educational and cultural values of the school at all times, both on and off campus.

The Middle School Principal is responsible for helping students and families navigate the natural tides that come along during the Middle School years academically, socially, emotionally, behaviorally, religiously, and spiritually. Partnering with the Head of School and the other divisional leaders, the Middle School Principal ensures that our students thrive in a warm, nurturing, and yet rigorous learning environment.

Explore our Middle School Principal Opportunity Statement at:

How to Apply
Interested candidates are encouraged to contact our search consultant, Dr. Scott Goldberg at search@scottgoldbergconsulting.com to confidentially discuss the opportunity and the process.

Candidates who are ready to apply should submit the following materials as a PDF, via email:
• A cover letter indicating your particular interest in serving as Middle School Principal at Melvin J. Berman Hebrew Academy. The letter should include:
o an overview of your qualifications for this leadership position
o brief statements of your philosophy of education, leadership style and alignment with the religious philosophy of the school
o a current resumé

For more information, contact: search@scottgoldbergconsulting.com