Rebbe Position

January 15, 2020


Torah Studies, Limudei Kodesh, is at the core of our curriculum at YULA Boys High School in Los Angeles. Feedback from our parent body indicates that parents choose our school because of the high level of Torah learning and the warm and caring relationships developed with the Rebbeim. Our Judaic Studies teachers work closely with the Head of School and Principal to promote this mission. Great teaching in our school is primarily about teaching talmidim, not subjects. Successful teachers in our school love their talmidim and love teaching them. They identify different learning needs and respond to them by creating lessons that address those different needs. Being a YULA Rebbe means reaching beyond the walls of the classroom to connect with students in venues where they are likely to be, including the halls, sporting events, extra-curricular events and Shabbatonim. Good teaching in our school means being part of team committed to excellence, recognizing your role in that team, and taking part in that role with full commitment. In addition, good teaching means setting high expectations, communicating those expectations clearly to both students and parents, and keeping in touch with students and parents on a regular basis to keep track of student progress based on real data. The most successful teachers in our school are highly organized and always wear a smile. They are firm, but flexible, are friendly with students, but are not their friends, and are warm and understanding, but not pushovers. They are life-long learners who are role models for responsible adult living and they teach because they know it makes them the richest people in the world!
A YULA Rebbe’s main tasks and responsibilities include: Participating and supervising daily minyanim; teaching five (5) classes of Limudei Kodesh; prepare and share lesson plans based on existing curriculum; closely monitor and record student progress; correspond regularly with students and parents about student progress.
Please compose a cover letter describing how you heard about this job, a short description of your teaching experience and why you think you would be a good fit for YULA. Submit it via email to We will respond to your application within three (3) business days.

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