Shulamith High School Principal

  • January 8, 2019

Shulamith School for Girls in Cedarhurst, New York is a dynamic, cutting edge institution with an enrollment of over 600 students which provides a superior Judaic, Hebrew language and secular education for its students, from early childhood through high school. Shulamith High School, founded in 2015 currently has 90 Students.

Mission of Shulamith High School: At Shulamith, we are committed to educating every girl, from head to heart. Our student-centered academic studies are geared toward promoting excellence in education and lifelong learning, across all genres and disciplines. Our social and emotional curriculum empowers our girls to recognize their inner beauty, promote refinement of character, and conduct themselves with confidence and grace. Our extensive extracurricular program supports our girls in becoming contributing, sophisticated, well-rounded citizens to their families, communities, and humanity. Student life is permeated with and guided by a love for Torah, Halacha, Ahavat Yisrael, Israel, and the moral and ethical code of Am Yisrael. There is no single mold for a Shulamith student. We support each girl in developing the tools, as genuine Halachic Jews, to find the courage to become the architect of her own dreams.

Position: We are seeking a dynamic, inspired and motivated principal to lead our high school and advance its reputation as one of the premier educational choice for parents in the Greater New York Area.

Chief areas of responsibility include: education and curricula strategy; faculty hiring, teacher development and supervision; student recruitment and retention; strategic planning and execution; and community relations.

Candidates should:
– Embody, articulate and reflect the school’s values and mission as articulated in its Mission Statement
– Have a passion for learning, growing and developing cutting edge and effective methodologies in teaching/learning
– Have a proven track record of successful collaborative team building, organizational management, and inspiring leadership
– Have a proven track record of outstanding classroom teaching
– Demonstrate the ability to connect deeply with students, faculty, and parents
– Be highly organized, efficient, and hard working
– Prior experience as a school Principal or Assistant Principal
– Have a Master’s degree or Doctorate in Education or a related field

Please send application to with the subject line “Shulamith HS Principal”

For more information, contact:

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