STEM/Science Instructor

July 30, 2020


YDE Boys High School based in Brooklyn, NY is a yeshiva committed to academic excellence in both Judaic and General studies. The Yeshiva endeavors to nurture curiosity, creativity and commitment in each of its students while cultivating a strong moral and religious fiber. YDE aims to empower its students by helping them recognize their own gifts, appreciate their inherent worth as Torah Jews, and leave with the tools to succeed in their divergent paths.

We are seeking passionate, experienced and innovative teachers with a strong work-ethic and a growth-mindset. Candidates should be masters of their subject-area/ discipline, dedicated to nurturing relationships with their students and integrating research-based pedagogy into their lessons. Our new faculty will join a collaborative, professional and forward-thinking team of teachers who work in synergy to meet the needs of all learners. Each new teacher is provided with a mentor, to nurture their growth and career trajectory.

A full-time position is open for a STEM/ Science instructor who will also coordinate our Science Research program.

Interested candidates should send their resumes to

For more information, contact: