Middle School Math Teacher and Elementary Math Coach, September 2021

March 22, 2021


Student-centered Manhattan independent school with a strong culture of faculty reflection and collaboration, is looking for a thoughtful educator to fill a full-time math position for 2021-22 involving teaching and school-wide support.

Math teaching Grade Levels: 6-8
Math Coaching: K-5
Member of school-wide STEAM team

Time Frame: Beginning September 2021

a) Teaching:
• Teach middle school math, grades 6-8
• Design, implement, and teach inquiry-based math curriculum for middle school grades.

b) Math Coach:
• Coach elementary teachers on the teaching of their inquiry-based math curriculum
• Guide, plan, and support K-5 teachers, both inside and outside their math classrooms
• Help teachers extend, support and differentiate the math curriculum for their students

c) Member of the STEAM team:
• Support, and collaborate with, other members of the staff in implementing and leading the school-wide STEAM initiative.
o Support STEAM Coordinator
o Support teachers in STEAM thinking, teaching, learning, and content
o Implement best practices in inter-disciplinary teaching
• Support the teaching of coding, K-8
• Collaborate with colleagues on the STEAM leadership team to increase STEAM thinking and learning opportunities across the school

• 3-5 years of classroom teaching
• Appropriate knowledge of math, relevant to grades K-8
• Training in, and/or experience with, teaching elementary and middle school-aged students.
• Experience teaching a student-centered, inquiry-oriented, hands-on math curriculum
• Appropriate knowledge of STEAM, relevant to grades K-8
• Interest and willingness to work in a highly collaborative environment

For more information, contact: garypretsfelder@schechtermanhattan.org