Music Director

April 18, 2021


SAR Academy, a Modern Orthodox, co-educational day school in Riverdale, NY is looking for a full-time Music Director with a love for children’s music education to work with students from early childhood through 5th grade as well as musically lead special school-wide events.
Lead traditional music classes with a Jewish musical component
Develop students’ connection to chagim and Shabbat through song, music history and appreciation
Coordinate musical components of yearly programs including the1st grade Siddur Play and 2nd grade Chumash Play, 4th grade Navi Play, as well as other gatherings and chagigot
Work with small groups of 4th and 5th grade students in areas of interest, including music history and instrumentation, to Ta’amei HaMikra, and any other musical topic candidate is passionate about
Work with the school choir and lead performances
Excellent classroom management skills

Familiarity with Dalcroze and Orff methodologies preferred
Minimum three years of school music teaching experience strongly preferred

About SAR:
SAR Academy is a Modern Orthodox co-educational nursery through grade 8 day school located in Riverdale, NY. We are dedicated to the belief that every child possesses a divine spark, has unique worth as an individual and should be encouraged to achieve according to his or her ability. Our warm environment promotes confidence, creativity and enthusiasm for learning. In our approach to academics, we nurture students to develop intellectual curiosity, critical thinking skills and a lifelong love of both Torah and Secular studies.

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