Upper School Judaic Studies Principal Position

January 7, 2021


Robert M. Beren Academy (RMBA) is seeking an experienced, motivated and energetic Upper School Judaic
Studies Principal (JSP) who is challenged by an opportunity to create and implement rigorous,
innovative, and impactful models of Jewish education in a Modern Orthodox day school. The
Principal must be fully committed to fostering a religiously traditional and intellectually open
environment that is meaningful, appealing, and welcoming to a wide-range of Jewish families
from diverse religious, educational, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

The JSP must serve as a role model for students and others in Jewish knowledge, understanding,
and moral behavior. He or she will seek to gain the respect of faculty members, students, and
parents through a leadership style that derives its authority from passionate and energetic
commitment to the school’s mission and philosophy. The Principal will help develop, articulate
and implement a vision for Jewish Studies and have a presence that will be strongly felt
throughout the school as a focus for this vision. The Principal should promote both a passion for
Judaism and also skill development among our students.

Please see https://www.berenacademy.org/apps/jobs/show_job.jsp?REC_ID=35704 for full details.

For more information, contact: poberman@berenacademy.org