A Unique Masters program for all teachers

by | Jul 26, 2022 | Events and Opportunities for Educators

We offer a unique Master’s degree in Jewish Education/Special Education that prepares teachers to teach EVERY child. This is the ONLY Master’s degree that specifically prepares teachers to teach Limudei Kodesh, and upon program completion you will be eligible for State Certification. This allows you to access Public School funds (SEIT, P3, etc.) when teaching children with identified disabilities. Whether you are a teacher or an assistant teacher, whether you teach in a mainstream Yeshiva or a Yeshiva program for children with special needs, and whether you live in New York or elsewhere – our unique Master’s program which is both in-person and on-line is the way to enhance your teaching skills and grow your career. Our Master’s degree program is financially affordable, and we offer financial aid and scholarships on a first come basis. We also have an accelerated program which can be completed in just over ONE year. FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT DR. JEFF LICHTMAN, PROGRAM DIRECTOR, AT JEFF.LICHTMAN@TOURO.EDU OR 973.650.7247

Contact Email:jeff.lichtman@touro.edu

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