Hidden Sparks Webinar: Taking Assessments to the Next Level

by | Sep 15, 2022 | Events and Opportunities for Educators

Register now for FREE Hidden Sparks webinar being held on Nov. 15th @8:30pm ET on the topic of “Taking Assessments to the Next Level”. Assessing student learning is critical for student growth, and the variety of assessment options yields great opportunities. This webinar utilizes psychological research as well as pedagogical experience to shed light on how school leaders and teachers may choose the types of assessments that are best for evaluating and promoting student progress. Register at https://www.hiddensparks.org/professional-development-programs-for-meeting-the-needs-of-diverse-learners/hidden-sparks-without-walls/teachers-registrations/.

Contact Email:Sara@HiddenSparks.org

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