Second Annual Jewish Special Education Conference

by | Nov 2, 2022 | Events and Opportunities for Educators

Join us on Tuesday, November 8 (Election Day) from 9-3 for the Second Annual Jewish Special Education Conference. Keynote (co-sponsored by the Jewish Education Project) with Jennifer Gonzalez of the Cult of Pedagogy: “The Aerodynamics of Exceptional Schools.” Breakout sessions include: Classroom management, Teaching math to children with dyscalculia, Challenges for the school-based mental health professional, What does reading comprehension really mean?, Teaching Tanach to children with language challenges, Effective behavior strategies, Teaching Jewish history, holidays and culture, Math & music: developing computational skills through music, Collaborative problem solving for children with challenging behavior, Working with children who have anxiety, Developing literacy skills in children with language-based learning disabilities, Teaching Kriah to children who have dyslexia, Using technology meaningfully in the Limudei Kodesh classroom, The ten elements of student engagement.
Conference will be held at 2002 Avenue J (Corner Ocean Avenue), Brooklyn, NY. Lunch will be served.

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