February 28, 2023
1 – 2:15 ET
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Mahloket—that is, dispute or principled debate—has long been celebrated as a Jewish ideal, not only within Jewish texts (where sages debate laws, interpretations and principles) but within the practice of engagement with those texts as well (where, for example, students might engage in debate about laws, interpretations or about principles). What does Mahloket look like at its best? How does Mahloket function as a kind of signature pedagogy (or at least a signature practice) within Jewish education? What does it mean to “educate for Mahloket,” and what are the benefits and challenges of doing so? In what ways is Mahloket a model for substantive engagement across difference?

Aaron Dorfman (A More Perfect Union: The Jewish Partnership for Democracy), Robbie Gringas (educator, performer and writer/For the Sake of Argument), Orit Kent (Pedagogy of Partnership), Abi Dauber Sterne (For the Sake of Argument), and Mike Uram (Pardes), moderated by Jon Levisohn.

The Mandel Center Spotlight Sessions shine a spotlight on an important area of focus in Jewish education, bringing together several diverse scholarly perspectives for a shared conversation designed to deepen understanding.

Videos and podcasts of past events can be found at https://www.brandeis.edu/mandel/events/videos.html.

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