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by | Jan 25, 2022 | Events and Opportunities for Educators

The number of children dropping out from our yeshiva system seems to be a growing phenomena. Some children are not accepted to any yeshiva, some have been counseled out of yeshiva, and others have chosen to leave. The result is a growing population of young people who are left alone without guidance and structure to their lives.

Work At It was developed precisely to support these young men and women. We offer strengths assessment, educational advocacy, coaching, job placement, mentorship, and guidance for these teens and their parents. We have taken on the task of embracing this population of young people and helping guide them along their own unique paths.

When you either counsel a child out of your yeshiva or become aware of a child who has chosen to leave on their own, we ask you to please send them our way. We would like to be able to support them in any way possible to give them a warm, caring place in the Jewish community that is eager to help them chart their path forward, regardless of their history.

You can learn more through our website at or contact us at

The Lookstein Center
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