Blended Learning Specialist (1st-5th Grade)
Program Overview:
At the core of the educational model at Hebrew Academy of Long Beach (HALB), blended learning seeks to integrate instructional technology, personalized learning and small group instruction to provide measurable outcomes in student achievement. We use data collected every day to help every student grow (academically, socially, and emotionally). This includes every student: whether below, on, or above grade level. Furthermore, we subscribe to the research based findings that students learn best in 1:1 or small group environments catering to specific educational needs.

Position Overview:
In this unique position, the specialist will have the opportunity to have a broader impact on our school. As a member of the blended learning team, the individual in this position will play a crucial role in both instruction for students as well as operations-management. The specialist will ensure classrooms are equipped accordingly, and will be in regular communication with classroom staff to address their needs. This individual will also work 1:1 as part of the Blended Learning Support Program, assisting students based on data and individual needs. They will also support the implementation of enhancements to the educational model as well as relevant professional development for classroom staff.

Providing 1:1 support for students who need help with instructional software in math and literacy.
Coordinating with teacher, support staff, and administration in the implementation of the blended learning model.
Data entry and organization, for assessments and operations data.
Assist in development and implementation of staff training.
Develop expertise in computer based learning programs used by the school.
Maintain lab and classroom equipment.
Work closely with the team and director to address needs as they arise.

Bachelors (Master’s prefered)
Available full school day (8AM – 4PM).
General understanding of elementary school curriculum and instruction, with special focus on computer based instruction and personalized learning
Strong organizational skills with an emphasis on systems building and problem solving
Effective communication skills
Diligent, initiative taking, and open to new ideas
Data analysis and/or coding experience is a plus
Compensation package is based on experience and is competitive
Resume and cover letter to