Early Childhood/Lower School Student Life Coordinator
Student Life Coordinator – Early Childhood Center and Lower School

The Ramaz School is seeking a Student Life Coordinator for the 2022-2023 school year for
Nursery through Fourth Grade.
The Student Life Coordinator will be a positive role model for students and faculty who
possesses the creativity and operational skills to design programs that expand learning beyond
the classroom and promotes a joyful, inclusive school community. In addition, the Student Life
Coordinator will have the ability to work independently as well as collaboratively with the
Leadership Team of the Early Childhood and Lower School divisions to plan and implement
innovative, engaging events, and then be able to evaluate and reflect on the efficacy and
success of these events with a view to continuous improvement and enrichment.
The ideal candidate for this position will:
● Have experience in structuring programs for Shabbat, holidays, and milestone
celebrations across the grades (both Jewish and secular)
● Create enriching, interactive Oneg Shabbat programming in coordination with
Director of Judaic Studies
● Plan school educational trips and experiences that align with school mission and
● Assist Director of Judaic Studies with ensuring children learn and participate in daily
brachot and anthem (Hamotzi, Birkat Hamazon, Hatikvah, etc.)
● Work with student council and parent lay leaders to create lively chesed programs
with curricular relevance
● Collaborate with the parent body to create drives and community events
● Promote a “Ramaz-branded” atmosphere of joy, warmth and inclusivity during arrival
and dismissal (music, signage, established greetings, etc.)
● Demonstrate working knowledge of Hebrew and English
● Possess strong interpersonal, organizational, and communication skills
● Infuse a sense of joyful Judaism in our school community
● Elevate the level of ruach at the school
The Student Life Coordinator should be a forward-thinking and passionate educator, with a
bachelor’s degree or higher in a related field, who understands the mission of the Ramaz
School. The Student Life Coordinator will report to the N-4 Director of Judaic Studies.
To apply, please email resume and cover letter to LSCareers@ramaz.org.
The Ramaz School offers a friendly, progressive work environment; excellent salaries and a comprehensive
benefits package

Contact Email:danieln@ramaz.org