Barkai Yeshivah has an opening for a school psychologist position. Barkai Yeshivah is an
Orthodox Brooklyn based Sephardic Torani school. Our students are taught using a proprietary
educational methodology that is inspired by the best practices from traditional and modern
educational philosophies. All studies at Barkai are taught using a child centered approach which
is inspired by best practices of progressive methodology. All classes utilize some components of
group learning, differentiated learning and project based learning to achieve a deep learning in
class. Our students emerge with a strong sense of identity, refined character and compassion
to engage in life as dedicated members of Klal Yisrael.
School Psychologist Position:
This is a part-time position in a school setting, with students ranging from preschool through
eighth grade.
Key Responsibilities:
● Collaborate with members of the Student Support Team to support students’ academic,
social-emotional, and behavioral needs.
● Provide short term individual counseling to students presenting with social-emotional and
executive functioning challenges.
● Lead groups targeting the development of specific skills and coping strategies.
● Administer brief psycho-educational evaluations and interpret results to aid in
admissions decisions and academic planning.
● Consult with teachers, administrators, and outside service providers to develop and
implement targeted intervention plans.
● Create and implement Behavioral Intervention Plans.
● Provide crisis intervention and school wide support, as needed.
● Design and implement social-emotional learning curriculum, as well as other
● Facilitate parent and teacher trainings and workshops.
PhD/PsyD in school psychology is preferred; experience with teacher consultation,
psychological evaluations, behavior planning; strong interpersonal skills and ability to work well
as a member of a team.
Please e-mail your resume and cover letter to