Frankel Jewish Academy (FJA) seeks a Director of Jewish Studies (DJS) to develop/implement innovative & impactful models of Jewish education. DJS should have administrative experience & expertise in experiential Jewish learning/identity building; will oversee Jewish life & learning programming. DJS will foster an intellectually open environment that is meaningful to Jewish families from diverse backgrounds. DJS will serve as a role model in Jewish knowledge, practice and behavior developing collaborative partnerships & commitment to FJA’s mission and philosophy. DJS will articulate/implement a vision for Jewish Studies (JS) that is student centered, experiential.
Curriculum: DJS will create an educational vision for JS and be responsible for coordinating/overseeing the implementation including a curriculum that is responsive to educational needs. DJS will see to the planning/implementation of creative/innovative programming to further the religious mission outside of the classroom implementing Shabbatonim, holiday programming, field/service-learning trips and collaborating to develop cross-curricular Jewish content for trips.
Z’man Kodesh: DJS will be responsible for coordinating all religious services including the curricular Tefillah program and co/extra-curricular religious services; will review, design and implement the curricular Tefillah program.

Israel and Zionism: DJS will work with the JS Dept and Student Life to ensure that the message of Zionism is disseminated in the FJA community. DJS will ensure the functioning of Israel related clubs; coordinate/staff the Israel trip; work with College Counseling to promote/advise students about Gap-Year programs in Israel including Yeshiva and Seminary studies.

Supervisory: DJS will be responsible for evaluating JS curricula and implementation and supervise/evaluate Z’man Kodesh teachers, Student Life & JS/Hebrew Chairs. DJS duties may include part-time teaching responsibilities in JS.

Qualifications: Master’s/advanced degree in education or Jewish education; strong understanding of current instructional/learning practices; knowledge of Hebrew and broad/deep familiarity with Jewish texts/scholarship; envision innovative & aspirational goals for teaching/learning.

FJA offers competitive salaries/benefits & generous time off/holidays. Please email your resume/cover letter to, subject – Director of Jewish Studies. FJA is an equal opportunity employer.