Davis Renov Stahler (DRS) Yeshiva High School for Boys seeks a General Studies
Principal to oversee and implement its General Educational Program
The Ideal Candidate will be:
● A strong leader with vision and a passion for education
● Compassionate, warm and reflective, with the ability to communicate empathetically
with parents, students and teachers
● An experienced school leader and pedagogue with a track record of success in fostering
a strong academic environment for all learners, identifying and hiring superior faculty
and facilitating faculty supervision for growth
● Appreciative of our student-centered culture and always attuned to the educational
and social/emotional needs of the students and their unique potential
● A collaborative team player who can lead effectively while listening to and
incorporating the perspectives of others
● A lifelong learner who promotes educational excellence and the
thoughtful professional development of faculty
● An excellent manager who can be flexible and adaptive within a highly energetic
environment of multiple stakeholders, while remaining organized and goal oriented
● Supportive of Orthodox Jewish values
● A broad thinker in exploring academic possibilities, teaching methodology and 21st
Century learning strategies that will empower and support a wide range of learners

To learn more about our school community, please visit www.halb.org . We look forward to
hearing from you! Please send resumes and cover letters to resumes@halb.org

Contact Email:resumes@halb.org