• Exciting opportunity to lead one of the world’s great Jewish day schools
• 1,400 students and 430 staff across three campuses with first-class facilities
• Top-performing academic results across general and Jewish studies
• Co-educational with Modern Orthodox Zionist ethos

Founded in 1949, Mount Scopus Memorial College (‘Scopus’ or ‘College’) is an independent, co-educational, inclusive Modern Orthodox Zionist Jewish day school in Melbourne, Australia. It provides the highest standard of secular and Jewish education from Early Learning Centres (‘ELCs’) to Year 12 (the final year of schooling).

Scopus is the oldest—and largest—Jewish day school in Melbourne, attracting students from all sectors of the Jewish community (‘Community’) in the Australian city with a Jewish population of ~50,000, the largest in Australia. The College has over 1,400 students; total staff of ~430, and extensive first-class facilities across its three campuses.

Scopus offers a dual curriculum of general and Jewish studies and encourages students to explore, discover and choose their own Jewish identity. The College is shomer shabbat; keeps all Jewish holidays, and is strictly kosher. Students have at least some Jewish-related studies through to and including Year 12.

Scopus is synonymous with high academic standards. The College’s students excel in the Victorian Certificate of Education (‘VCE’) external examinations—the primary credential available to secondary school students completing Years 11 and 12 in the Australian state of Victoria—the predominant choice for those wishing to pursue tertiary education. The College consistently ranks for its VCE results amongst the top 10 out of ~590 secondary schools in the State.

The Principal (or ‘Head of School’ in American nomenclature) is the College’s most senior executive and is thus responsible—under the oversight and governance of an unpaid Executive—for its overall strategy and operations across ELC through Year 12 at all three campuses.

The ideal Principal will be a world-class educator with demonstrated experience in a large school setting. They will be Jewish and Zionist, ideally practicing Modern Orthodoxy or—at least—with a Modern Orthodox ethos, similar to the College’s.

For a copy of the Role specification, please contact Helen Johnson at Challis & Company on +61 2 8039 2223 or email scopus@challis.com. Applications close on Wednesday, 5 April 2023.

Contact email: scopus@challis.com