YCQ is dedicated to providing its students with the best possible educational, social and emotional experience in a loving and accepting Torah environment. YCQ recognizes the unique qualities of each student and encourages the development of self-knowledge and awareness. Together with a strong academic program in Judaic and General Studies, YCQ imparts ahavat Yisrael and an understanding and appreciation of the Hebrew language, Medinat Yisrael and our heritage.
YCQ provides innovative, stimulating and diverse learning opportunities in a nurturing atmosphere. A close relationship between home and school is encouraged to maximize the potential of each child. As a Blue Ribbon School, YCQ is committed to engaging each member of the YCQ family to be an integral part of the educational experience, while promoting the achievement of excellence in education.
In addition, YCQ encourages involvement with the Jewish community, as well as active participation in and meaningful contribution to American society. Combining a rich curriculum with opportunities to engage with the community through chesed and mitzvot, YCQ strives to develop future leaders with character, morals, self-esteem and personal integrity.

The Search Committee has identified the following priorities for the next Principal of the Junior High School:
-Orthodox role model who can relate to and inspire junior high school students
-Ability to balance the demand for academic rigor and success with the school’s warm and supportive culture
-Appreciation for the diversity of YCQ’s student body and the ability to connect to students across the religious spectrum
-Excellent track record in management and leadership, with a proactive, deliberate leadership style, good communication skills, and the ability to make tough decisions
-Strong organizational skills, with experience in implementing and maintaining effective systems
-Experience and skills to set clear educational standards/expectations and support the faculty members in reaching these goals
-A leader with an advanced educational degree and experience as a classroom teacher
-A dynamic and relatable individual, with a balance of warmth and firmness

How to Apply
If you are interested in learning more about the position and/or nominating someone for the role, please email search@scottgoldbergconsulting.com.

Contact Email:search@scottgoldbergconsulting.com