Mesivta Menahel (Grades 9-12)
Yeshiva Magen Abraham (YMA) is a yeshiva focused on building and enabling each talmid to reach his potential. The yeshiva prepares its students for life as self-confident, passionate, and practicing Jews committed to a life of growth in Judaism.

YMA is seeking to hire a new Menahel/Principal. YMA, located in Brooklyn, NY currently has 70 students and is poised for growth with the development of our new campus for the 2023-24 academic year.

The Menahel’s primary responsibilities will be to supervise our educational program and oversee day-to-day school operations. The Menahel is responsible for creating an atmosphere that supports a love of Judaism, Torah learning, personal conduct and a seriousness of General Studies where students can grow in their studies within the structure of a NYS Regents curriculum.

To succeed in this role, the Menahel should be have a comprehensive understanding of how to connect and inspire Rabbeim, faculty and students. Excellent oral, written communication and organizational abilities are also important to the role.

Great leadership in our school is primarily about leading people, not initiatives and tasks.

Oversee both the Torah and General Studies faculty
Oversee day-to-day school classes and programming.
Hire and supervise new teachers
Set learning goals for students and teachers
Monitor and report on teacher performance
Give guidance to Rabbeim and teachers about best teaching practices.
Review and implement school policies and rules
Organize school events and assemblies
Maintain attendance records and communicate with parents and students about absences.
Plan student extra-curricular activities that work in concert with both the Torah and General Studies curriculums.
Maintain positive student behavior.
Supervise night seder.
Work with the Rosh Yeshiva in recruiting future students for the school.

Requirements and skills
Previous experience in an administrative or leadership capacity
Great presentation and communication skills
Crisis management
Ability to coach and inspire
Ability to connect with and inspire talmidim.
Ability to create and foster an environment of order and calmness in the building to create a healthy learning atmosphere.

Salary commensurate with qualifications and experience

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