* Develop and implement engaging lesson plans to meet the needs of all students
* Create a positive learning environment that is motivating and appropriate, setting clear expectations for classwork and homework
* Promote an inclusive classroom environment that encourages active participation and student learning
* Establish and maintain standards of student behavior needed to achieve a classroom climate conducive to learning
* Monitor students’ academic progress and effectively communicate standards and progress with parents regularly
* Maintain productive relationships with parents and colleagues

* 5 year minimum experience as a Math Teacher, preferably with a Teaching Certificate/License and MA.
* Ability to communicate complex math concepts in a clear and concise manner to advanced students as well as to those in lower math tracks
* Ability to demonstrate knowledge of effective teaching methods and developmentally appropriate classroom activities geared toward all students
* Strong organizational skills and attention to detail
* Ability to maintain a positive learning environment
* Strong interpersonal and oral/written communication skills
* Knowledge of current educational technologies and their application in the classroom.

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